Leading the way in
automated insurance adjusting


Accuracy in all calculations
consistency across all claims

With our proprietary guideline management technologies that cover all homeowner peril types, we help insurance carriers confidently assess and audit homeowner and commercial damage claims.

We’re passionate about building smart property insurance solutions that lead the way to straight-through processing and unprecedented efficiencies. Our suite of software integrates seamlessly with Xactimate to streamline and automate the claims process—from onsite inspection to settlement.

The ultimate claims workflow
powered by our patented guideline engine









scoping tools

Accurence's product suite was built to accurately and consistently automate adjusting.

Accurence pioneered the field of automated adjusting with our mobile and desktop applications that are now the industry-leading tools for both field and desk adjusters. Combining our intuitive inspection application with a highly intelligent guideline management system, complex calculations and decision making are automated specific to each carrier’s needs, so adjusters can quickly scope homeowner claims with accurate, consistent results.

SettleAssist® streamlines the collection and input of claims estimate information by both field and desk adjusters.

PrimePC by Accurence® is a real-time, predictive estimating tool that delivers a complete drying scope.


Proven results
with top carriers

Accuracy and consistency in the claims settlement process are the insurance industry’s keys to running an effective and efficient claims organization. Studies of current users show that QualityAssist has a significant impact on accuracy performance, with staff adjusters posting a 56 percent improvement in the number of missed opportunities per claim.

Not only does QualityAssist identify missed opportunities, but its regular use can keep such opportunities from occurring in the first place.


auditing tools

Missed opportunities can be costly. Know if estimates are accurate before they’re settled.

Even the best adjusters can be challenged to consistently apply specific insurer guidelines. Randomized manual spot-checks of settled claims can illuminate these opportunities after the fact, but the tools created by Accurence give carriers the power to understand if claims are accurately following company guidelines and best practices before they’re settled.

QualityAssist® gives an insurance carrier the power to audit 100 percent of its structural damage claims.

PrimeAudit by Accurence® creates an objective cost analysis of an invoiced drying process.


Improved estimate
quality and cycle times

QualityAssist and PrimeAudit reduce cycle times by helping adjusters write accurate first estimates. Fewer estimate iterations mean policyholders receive faster settlement and improved customer experience.

29% improvement
in estimates without opportunities found
59% reduction
in missed opportunities
27% reduction
in estimate iterations
30% reduction
in cycle times

Your customized rulesets
our powerful guideline engine

Proprietary, patented technology that drives consistently smarter business.

Accurence’s suite of products is powered by a sophisticated guideline engine that’s configured for each carrier. It provides detailed control over claim documentation, scoping, estimating, and quality processes for all types of property loss. It’s the foundation of fully automated adjusting and straight-through processing.