Ensuring the integrity
of every water loss claim

PrimeAudit reviews water mitigation claims to ensure their integrity and accuracy.

Drawing upon carrier-specific rulesets coupled with Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification guidelines, PrimeAudit examines each water mitigation project to determine whether the correct drying equipment was used, whether it was properly priced, and whether it was used for an appropriate duration. Any non-compliant items are flagged for further review or justification, and any deviation from the submitted invoice is noted. This thorough auditing capability gives adjusters the power to validate the accuracy of every mitigation claim and allows carriers to virtually eliminate variances between adjusters.



Working from an XactAnalysis assignment, PrimeAudit creates an estimate review file for an adjuster. It then pulls current pricing information from Xactimate to ensure that drying equipment—quantity, size, and duration—is being accurately accounted for to provide proper mitigation for water damaged structures and contents.

guideline controls

At the heart of PrimeAudit is a powerful guideline engine tailored to each carrier’s unique specifications. Combined with industry-standard IICRC guidelines developed over the past 20 years, PrimeAudit ensures that the right equipment is used on every job.

Detailed reports
for straightforward action

PrimeAudit produces a clear, concise, and accurate line item variance report highlighting any non-compliant items that can be sent back to the contractor for revision or to provide additional information to justify the expense.

claims processing

Claims that pass the auditing process with no missed opportunities can be sent directly to a payment queue—a significant step toward a straight-through processing model that ensures accurate, payments are being consistently made. PrimeAudit significantly reduces cycle times and keeps your service providers happy with quicker payments.