Water mitigation
made accurate and easy

Personnel document the damage, get recommended drying equipment size and quantities, and then can easily generate daily moisture reports.

Based on the property’s geographic location, the size of a waterlogged room, and the amount of damage identified during the inspection, PrimeContractor by Accurence generates a list of recommended drying equipment size and quantity, and a timetable for their use. Afterward, PrimeContractor makes it easy for personnel to capture daily psychrometric data to generate a detailed moisture report that documents the drying process. Once drying is complete, a summary report is generated with all data collected during the process.


drying calculations

Based on parameters provided by the adjuster, PrimeContractor calculates the size and amount of drying equipment needed for the job. With information such as the home’s foundation and structure type, dimensions of the water-damaged room, the percentage of floor, wall, or ceiling affected, and the category of water, PrimeContractor generates a complete drying and mitigation plan to follow.

regional factors

Getting drywall down to a 12 percent moisture reading is a realistic goal in the mountain air of Colorado, but unachievable in the bayous of Louisiana. PrimeContractor takes into account the geographic area of the damaged property when generating a drying plan.

drying process

PrimeContractor makes it easy to log daily psychrometric readings, providing a documented timeline of the drying process.


There’s no need to duplicate work with PrimeContractor. Rather than recording measurements by hand and inputting them later, PrimeContractor allows adjusters to enter the data directly into XactAnalysis as they work.

Accurate and easy
water mitigation

Few perils are as disruptive to homeowners as water damage, and few have the potential to become so much worse if not immediately dealt with. PrimeContractor efficiently helps get a homeowner back to rights with a comprehensive drying plan and a thoroughly documented drying process.