Water mitigation
dry plans and
equipment pricing

Get recommended drying equipment size and quantities with pricing and generate an adjuster-ready Xactimate estimate.

Based on your geographic location, the size of a waterlogged room, and the amount of damage identified during your inspection, PrimePC by Accurence generates a list of recommended drying equipment with up-to-date Xactimate pricing information. Damaged room contents are also included in the damage scope, making it easy to create a complete Xactimate estimate ready to be submitted to the carrier.

drying calculations

Based on the parameters you provide, PrimePC calculates the size and amount of drying equipment needed for the job. Input information such as the home’s foundation and structure type, dimensions of the water-damaged room, the percentage of floor, wall, or ceiling affected, and the category of water, and PrimePC generates a complete drying and mitigation plan for you to follow.

Xactimate pricing

After determining the size and amount of drying equipment needed for a job, PrimePC accurately prices the gear and helps you generate an adjuster-ready Xactimate estimate.

made simple

There are more than 79,000 combinations of task items, water category, and class possible in every scope. The guideline engine that powers PrimePC takes into account all the variables that shape a final estimate to generate an accurate scope that you can submit with confidence.