The power to audit
every damage claim

More than helping make better estimates, QualityAssist helps make better estimators.

Gone are the days of randomly spot-checking estimates to identify issues after a claim has been settled. With the power to audit 100 percent of claims, QualityAssist allows any needed changes to be made before settlement, thereby increasing the accuracy of critical items such as ACV and RCV payments. By providing real-time feedback, the consistent use of QualityAssist drives improvements in adjuster estimating behavior. Developed in conjunction with more than half of the nation’s largest carriers, QualityAssist’s nearly limitless variations can be customized to meet virtually any requirement.


auditing capabilities

QualityAssist’s thousands of logic bots scour and report on minute details of each estimate, providing automated estimate reviews with documented suggestions of scope changes, including identifying missing items and flagging potential oversights. This results in claims that are more consistently accurate, benefitting both carriers and homeowners. .


QualityAssist provides automated and non-judgmental feedback to the adjuster as the estimate is being built, when it’s most effective in changing an adjuster’s practices—on both the current estimate and future ones as well. The continuous learning process also provides positive reinforcement for a job well done when no, or minor, opportunities are identified.

team visibility

Detailed reporting includes line items that adjusters accepted, rejected, or noted on, giving management actionable insights into both specific performance and broad trends that help improve claim workflows.


The messaging the adjuster sees when QualityAssist identifies an issue is highly configurable to each carrier’s preference.

proven results

Studies of current users show that QualityAssist has a significant impact on accuracy performance. Measured by the number of missed opportunities per claim, staff adjusters using QualityAssist showed a 56 percent improvement. Not only does QualityAssist identify opportunities, but its regular use can keep such opportunities from occurring in the first place.