Service Level Agreement

  1. Service Level.
    1. Technical Support.
      1. Technical support will be available at and Accurence will return support emails within commercially reasonable standards.
      2. Accurence will provide phone support as follows:
        1. Between 9AM and 6PM Central Time Monday through Friday at 888-247-2809.
        2. Closed on major bank holidays.
      3. Upon contacting support, the Customer will be required to provide client identifying information and a full description of the problem and samples if possible and other trouble shooting information as requested by technical personnel.
    2. Updates and Upgrades. Accurence shall provide corrections, minor updates and upgrades to Customer as part of the maintenance services for the fees paid to Accurence under the Agreement.
    3. Maintenance Details. Accurence is incented through revenue, market reputation, and other practical business reasons to provide Users accessibility to ScopeAssist servers. The Company performs maintenance as it sees fit at the most appropriate time possible considering business needs. The Company deploys a Disaster Recovery plan to commercially reasonable standards; however, it does not provide any guarantee of access to ScopeAssist servers nor guarantees that there will be no loss of data transmitted, collected, or stored by the Company or its Users within ScopeAssist.
    4. Access Restriction. User access may be restricted or eliminated for various reasons per the Agreement including but not limited to the following:
      1. Agreement by the User.
      2. In the event of application non-performance.
      3. In the event that other negligent or unlawful acts by Customer and its Users or its agents or suppliers.
      4. Problems with Customer’s administrators.
      5. Problems with domains, network availability, interruption or delay, including telecommunications failures outside of the Accurence Network.
      6. Suspension of Services by Accurence in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
      7. Due to network floods- attacks from outside servers, parties, individuals or failure error of any Accurence monitoring system in its sole discretion, acting reasonably, shall determine whether an event will be considered an exception based on its’ records and data.